European Carton Excellence Award 2021


The European Carton Excellence Award celebrates its 25th anniversary this year – an impressive success story. The entries selected for public voting present the best from the European folding carton industry. See all the shortlisted entries below!

More about the shortlisted entries will be published via social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and presented to a broad audience.


You can vote once but you can choose up to three designs. Please note that you will be sent an email to verify your vote(s) and you will only be able to verify up to three votes so please do not select more than this number.

Public voting closes on August 31st at midnight CET.

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The “Carton Awards E-vent”, the awards ceremony for all awards, will take place on 6th September 2021 at 16:00 CET and will be digitally broadcast.
Save the Date and join us at the Carton Awards E-vent on 6th September at 1600 hrs HERE.

PS Please remember to also vote for the young design stars of tomorrow: voting for the Public Award of the "Pro Carton Young Designers Award" is also underway HERE.

Entry: Flying Orchids
Entrant: Smurfit Kappa Zedek

Entry: Rose Gift Box
Entrant: AR Packaging Swiss

Entry: Mergulo Plant Based Butter Carton
Entrant: Graphic Packaging International

Entry: Picard Frozen Creation
Entrant: AR Packaging

Entry: New Year Makeup Calendar
Entrant: Durero Packaging

Entry: Smarties Giant Hexatube
Entrant: WestRock

Entry: Legallais sailboat model
Entrant: Posson Packaging

Entry: CURODONT Sensitive
Entrant: AR Packaging Swiss

Entry: Bonduelle Bundle
Entrant: Van Genechten Packaging

Entry: GER Coffer
Entrant: Alzamora Group

Entry: PaperSeal® MAP Tray Burger Solution
Entrant: Graphic Packaging International

Entry: Tērvete Beer
Entrant: Van Genechten Packaging

Entry: Dainese Gloves Hanger
Entrant: Lucaprint

Entry: Exentrique Facial Cleanser
Entrant: Essentra Packaging

Entry: Fruit Basket
Entrant: MMP Neupack Austria

Entry: Karlo Spoon
Entrant: Cardbox Packaging

Entry: Bodegas Balsamic
Entrant: Durero Packaging

Entry: Estrella Damm Rounded Corner Pack
Entrant: Graphic Packaging International

Entry: Pink Lady Apple
Entrant: Remmert Dekker Packaging

Entry: Plastic-free toothbrush packaging
Entrant: Karl Knauer

Entry: The Tomato Stall Punnet
Entrant: Graphic Packaging International

Entry: Cluster-Wing©
Entrant: WestRock

Entry: Dental Sticks
Entrant: AR Packaging Swiss

Terms & Conditions
Every person can vote once and choose up to three designs. Any attempts to artificially influence the voting will result in the votes being void and may lead to exclusion of the entry from the competition. The organiser's decision is final. After the voting is closed, all email-contacts will be deleted except those who have registered for the Pro Carton newsletter.